The Internal Health Series – Vol. 3

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Vol. 3: The Core Qi Gong (Chi Kung) System Featuring the Tai Chi Ruler Shen Kung & The Cloud Hand Set

Qi Gong or Chi Kung has been called the “fountain of youth”. This volume demonstrates some of the most powerful qi gong styles ever created, the Tai Chi Ruler Shen Kung and the Taoist Cloud Hand Set. These ancient Chinese methods of health giving exercises promote youthful vigor, enhance energy, and cultivate inner serenity and peace. Features standing and seated methods of meditation and energy cultivation.

Includes the story of the “Oldest Man in the World” who at age 142 was in good health and performing tai chi chuan and chi kung daily. He eventually passed away at the remarkable age of 157! Many practitioners of the Tai Chi Ruler system have lived well past their 100th birthdays. Appropriate for all ages.

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